Workbench on Google Cloud Platform


  • * Experience with Google Cloud Platform.
  • * Google Cloud Project.

Create Virtual Machine

  • * Open Google Cloud Console.
  • * On the left sidebar find Compute Engine -> VM instances.
  • * At the top of the page click CREATE...

Setting up Ranger service

We are pleased to announce that Ranger has arrived to Peatio 1.9, Ranger is a WebSocket service that handles Peatio's notification system for Trading UI and more, it's a complete replacement of Slanger that we used until version 1.9.

This post...

Peatio Open Source 1.9

This release includes significant new features, numerous functional fixes and enhancements. Peatio 1.9.0 came out with a rewrite of Blockchain synchronisation daemon solving major design flaw of old original Peatio. Multi-tier wallet system is another...