Peatio Open Source 1.9

Peatio Open Source 1.9

This release includes significant new features, numerous functional fixes and enhancements. Peatio 1.9.0 came out with a rewrite of Blockchain synchronisation daemon solving major design flaw of old original Peatio. Multi-tier wallet system is another great implemented feature helping achieve digital funds protection by using wallets segregation with specific access policies and flexible multi-signature settings. Among the other nice features such as Admin Interface for advanced Blockchain/Wallet management, this release is also focused on:

1. Multi Wallet support.
2. New Blockchain synchronization mechanism.
3. Full ERC20 tokens support.
4. Splitting of Blockchain read and write Services and Clients.

This release notes is must-read for migrating from older versions.

Breaking changes

New features

  * Blockchain model and Database seeding
  * Adding wallet seeding
  * Adding wallet model
  * Fix STI problem
  * Add missing associations
  * Fix indexes order
  * Adding factories and a test stub
  * BlockchainService #process_blockchain deposits with proof of work #1417
  * Ability to register a blockchain/wallet from Admin Panel #1422
  * Revert some changes (related to #1422)
  * Single BlockchainService per Blockchain #1424
  * Added Wallet/Blockchain validations #1429
  * Confirm withdrawals in BlockchainService #process_blockchain 


  * Rebase on master
  * Bitcoin Blockchain Service #1444
  * Improve BlockchainService logger. Wallet & Blockchain bugfixes #1474
  * Add Blockchain Key In Currency #1473
  * Remove CoinAPI & daemons. Rename Client to BlockchainClient #1476
  * BlockchainService improve performance
  * Fix specs
  * Replace Confirmation With Block Number #1463
  * Add gateway & max_balance to wallets #1478
  * Wallet per currency
  * WalletService module and WalletService::Base class #1479
  * DepositCollectionFees worker for ERC20 #1489
  * Litecoin/Dash/BitcoinCash Blockchain Services #1475
  * Updates for admin panel #1501
  * Fix erc20 deposit for tx with empty receipt #1502
  * Fix wrong client for existing blockchain on admin panel #1504
  * Bitgo wallet Client/Service #1491
  * Fixed withdraw stuck in confirming #1507
  * Improved dynamic txn fees for bitcoind/bitgo #1509
  * Feature/blockchains wallets #1510
  This patch adds public call for getting currency trades performed within the last 24h: GET /v2/currency/trades.
  Check more info at docs/api/
  This patch adds public call for getting the list of currencies: GET /v2/currencies.
  Check more info at docs/api/
  This patch gives the ability to to register a blockchain/wallet from Admin Panel.
  This patch replaces confirmations field in withdraw and currency model with block_number. So confirmations amount is updated dynamically.


  The list and purpose of each Peatio daemon is described in docs/